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Zen Waters

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Zen Waters: Essence of Issey Miyake

Zen Waters is a serene fragrance, inspired by the minimalist elegance and purity of Issey Miyake. Designed for both men and women who seek balance and tranquility in their lives, this scent offers an affordable path to a calm and harmonious existence.

  • Top Notes: Yuzu, Cypress, Coriander
  • Heart Notes: Blue Water Lily, Nutmeg, Saffron
  • Base Notes: Tobacco, Amber, Musk

Zen Waters embodies the essence of water flowing through a peaceful Japanese garden, blending citrus and green notes with a spicy heart and a comforting, earthy base. Perfect for those who appreciate simplicity and the beauty of nature in their journey towards inner peace.

Discover Tranquility. Embrace Harmony. Zen Waters.