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al jayyid

Ruby Essence

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Ruby Essence: Essence of Baccarat Rouge 540

Ruby Essence is an exquisite fragrance, inspired by the luxurious and radiant Baccarat Rouge 540. Designed for those with a taste for sophistication and a desire for the extraordinary, this scent offers an affordable touch of elegance and allure.

  • Top Notes: Saffron, Jasmine
  • Heart Notes: Amberwood, Ambergris
  • Base Notes: Fir Resin, Cedar

Ruby Essence embodies the brilliance and intensity of a precious ruby, blending exotic saffron with rich amberwood and a warm, resinous base. Perfect for special occasions, it envelops you in an aura of opulence and mystique.

Discover Elegance. Embrace Opulence. Ruby Essence.